This year’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for being busy and trying to make decisions. After flipping-flopping over the last six months, I’ve decided at the last minute to attend TUG 2012 in Boston in July. (Thanks to Steve Peter, president, for the gentle nudge that finally sorted me out.)

TUG is the annual conference of the TeX Users Group, and I attended it for the first time in San Francisco in 2010. It was the best conference I’ve been to, and I’m expecting to have a great time in Boston as well. I’ve barely been to the east coast of the US, so I’m excited to explore the city in the days around the conference.

For my presentation, I’ll talk about LaTeX3 from a fairly high level, why it exists, why I work on it, and other assorted aspects of my somewhat-dormant TeX work. (Spoiler: without LaTeX3 I wouldn’t have been able to develop unicode-math; it would simply have been too much work.) If there’s anything in particularly you think I should address, feel free to drop me a line beforehand.

If you yourself are attending the conference, please say hi. What do people like to drink in Boston? I’ll buy you one.