Life has become rather busy and complicated in the last few years, so apologies to any readers that hoped for more from me on the LaTeX front. I live in optimism, however, that things will imminently pick up.

One of my favourite and least useful packages I’ve written is vwcol. It’s pretty scary to think that I wrote it almost seven years ago; where does the time fly? It’s so old that it wasn’t even version controlled.

A couple of years ago someone asked on whether it could draw rules of different colours. An easy fix, but I apparently ran out of time on it; I revisited the problem after being pinged about it again, it turns out that I fixed the code but never uploaded it to CTAN!

Silly old Will. Well, in an effort to get the ball rolling again, vwcol now has a Github repository and a new version is making its way to CTAN with very few changes except the new rulecolor option.

A belated happy new year.