Automatic line breaking in LaTeX equations

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The BREQN packages

This is the latest repository for the breqn package, originally developed by Michael J. Downes and later taken over by Morten H√łgholm. Will Robertson currently manages the code but without time for major development.


The breqn packages are distributed in the major TeX distributions so manual installation is only necessary if you wish to install pre-release versions or contribute to the development of the package.

Individually, running pdftex on each dtx file extracts the runtime files. As a package, l3build install will extract the needed files and install them locally.

The code


The breqn package facilitates automatic line-breaking of displayed math expressions.


This package turns math symbols into macros. It is required by breqn so that breqn can make intelligent decisions with respect to line-breaking and other details.


Ensures uniform syntax for math subscript (_) and superscript (^) operations so that they always take exactly one argument. Grants access to the current mathstyle which eases several tasks such as avoiding the many pitfalls of \mathchoice and \mathpalette. This package is used by flexisym.